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ACES: Revolutionizing Solar Energy: Danish Project Unveils Future of Affordable Green Power

Revolutionizing Solar Energy: Danish Project Unveils Future of Affordable Green Power 

ATLANT 3D Embarks on a Groundbreaking Project to Transform Solar Cell Technology   

Copenhagen, Denmark, 7 May 2024: ATLANT 3D, in collaboration with a consortium of partners from academia and industry, and support from Innovation Fond Denmark, is proud to announce the initiation of the Advanced Contact Engineering and Surface Passivation for Solar Cells (ACES) project. This initiative aims to significantly boost solar cell efficiency while slashing production costs, positioning solar power as a more accessible and efficient energy source. 

A Brighter Future with Advanced Solar Technology 

As the world urgently seeks renewable energy solutions, the ACES project emerges as a pivotal innovation. Backed by Innovation Fund Denmark, the project sets to transform the efficiency and affordability of silicon solar cells, potentially saving global energy expenditures and marking a crucial step forward in renewable energy technology.   

The project addresses the solar industry’s significant challenges: the high cost and inefficiency of current technology. By innovating the transition from silver to copper in solar cell metallization and pioneering new edge passivation techniques, ATLANT 3D and ACES project partners are poised to unlock remarkable efficiency and cost savings. This development elevates Denmark’s role in solar technology and substantially contributes to worldwide environmental sustainability efforts. 

“Leading this initiative, we leverage our unique advanced manufacturing technology to pave the way for groundbreaking solar solutions. It’s more than innovation; it’s about creating a sustainable future through advanced solar technology,” states Dr. Maksym Plakhotnyuk, CEO and Founder of ATLANT 3D. 

A Collaborative Venture for Global Impact 

The ACES project is propelled by a partnership that combines ATLANT 3D’s innovative Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology with the expertise of leading institutions and companies including DTU Electro, the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), Aarhus University (AU),Meyer Burger, and Elpatek. This collaboration is set to redefine solar cell manufacturing, aiming for unparalleled efficiency and sustainability. Supported by funding from Innovation Fund Denmark, this united effort seeks to overcome technological challenges and make significant strides towards global sustainability ambitions. 

Key Facts:   

Innovation Fund’s Investment: DKK 19,659,555 million   

Total Budget: DKK 26,374,503 million   

Duration: 3 years   

Official Title: Advanced Contact Engineering and Surface Passivation for Solar Cells (ACES) 

About ATLANT 3D:   

Founded in 2018, ATLANT 3D is at the forefront of atomic-scale advanced manufacturing technology. With its proprietary DALP® technology, ATLANT 3D is revolutionizing micro- and nanofabrication by enabling precision manufacturing with atomic accuracy. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is paving the way for advancements in various sectors, including MEMS, microfluidics, optics, photonics, energy devices, and many more.   


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