Kongens Lyngby, 2800, Denmark

Core technology

Atomic 3D printer with material versatility

Atomic 3D Printing


All-in-one solution with higher resolution at atmospheric pressure, ambient or vacuum, with excellent conformality

  Largest selection of materials in the market: capable of processing over 450 commercially available materials

  Hybrid processing, with a combination of both top-down and bottom-up approaches

  Printability on non-conventional and complex 3D geometries, allowing customers to produce
otherwise impossible geometries

  9x faster process than conventional methods, taking days/weeks instead of months to
deliver the final prototype

  Significant cost savings for the end-user up to 97% reduction of prototyping cost

  Reduces the risk of production errors and failures

  Does not require a cleanroom environment, requiring minimal support expertise and
installation space;

  Allows in-house printing, enabling IP security by avoiding outsourcing of prototyping to third parties;

  Reduces the investment and operational costs 

  Sustainable processing, with 99% higher material efficiency and low waste creation

Reshaping micro and nanofabrication