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We are working on tiny things that are invisible to the bare eye, but they’ve been shaping our reality for more than half a century. We are talking about micro and nanodevices.

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Direct-Patterning ZnO Deposition by Atomic-Layer Additive Manufacturing Using a Safe and Economical Precursor

Area-selective atomic layer deposition (AS-ALD) is a bottom-up nanofabrication method delivering single atoms from a molecular precursor. AS-ALD enables self-aligned fabrication and outperforms lithography in terms of cost, resistance, and equipment prerequisites, but it requires pre-patterned substrates and is limited by insufficient selectivity and finite choice of substrates.

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An Overview of ATLANT 3D’s Pioneering Nanotechnology

Video Insights

Introducing NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite

Discover the future of nanoscale manufacturing with ATLANT 3D’s latest innovation: the NANOFABRICATOR Lite. This video introduces you to the compact, yet powerful capabilities of the NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite, enhanced by our groundbreaking Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology. Experience a new era of precision and efficiency in nanofabrication.

Video Insights

Applications & DALP® Technology in Action

In this video, we showcase the diverse applications and innovative capabilities of the NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite, powered by our pioneering Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology. Witness how this cutting-edge equipment is revolutionizing industries by offering precision, efficiency, and versatility in nanofabrication.

Video Insights

In-House Process Samples

Exclusive inside look at ATLANT 3D’s lab, where we showcase the versatility and innovation of our in-house processes using the Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology. This video provides a comprehensive overview of various samples created through our advanced DALP® technology, illustrating its wide range of applications and efficiency in a laboratory setting.

Video Insights

Lab Tour at ATLANT 3D’s Hub

Step inside the world of cutting-edge nanotechnology with our exclusive lab tour at ATLANT 3D’s A Hub. This video offers you a unique opportunity to explore our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, where groundbreaking research and innovation in atomic-scale manufacturing take place.

Video Insights

Exploring the Nozzle Technology

Dive into the core of ATLANT 3D’s nanotechnology innovation with this detailed look at the nozzle technology of our NANOFABRICATOR machine. This video provides an in-depth understanding of the sophisticated nozzle design, crucial for the precision and efficiency in Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®).

Video Insights

Exploring NANOFABRICATOR™ LITE and Technology

This video offers a comprehensive understanding of the technological breakthroughs, key benefits, and market needs addressed by the NANOFABRICATOR™ LITE, particularly in the context of rapid prototyping and R&D tools for academia and research.

Video Insights


This video provides an overview of the NANOFABRICATOR™ LITE with Dr. Mira Baraket, Head of Technology R&D at ATLANT 3D, a compact yet powerful tool that represents a significant leap in the field of material innovation and device development with its atomic-level precision.

Video Insights

Demonstrating Sample Handling

This video presents a technical demonstration of the process of loading and unloading samples in ATLANT 3D’s NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite.

Video Insights

Swapping Bubblers Demonstration

In this video, we walk you through the process of swapping bubblers on the NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite, a key component of ATLANT 3D’s innovative nanofabrication technology. Discover the simplicity and precision of this essential maintenance task, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in your nanofabrication projects.