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We are working on tiny things that are invisible to the bare eye, but they’ve been shaping our reality for more than half a century. We are talking about micro and nanodevices.

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Pioneering the Future in Micro and Nano Technologies

At ATLANT 3D, we delve into the microscopic realm of micro and nanodevices – the unseen yet crucial elements shaping our modern world. From transportation to space exploration, from digital play to healthcare, these tiny devices are integral to our “smart” existence.

We’re not just working with technology; we’re challenging its limits. Our goal is to accelerate the pace of innovation with atomic precision. At ATLANT 3D, we’re redefining the creation of micro and nanodevices, striving towards a future where a fully autonomous smart nano factory becomes a reality. This vision fuels our ambition to enable rapid innovation in a myriad of applications and industries.

Our Core Values


Entrepreneurial Mindset

We embrace each challenge as an opportunity for originality and uniqueness. Our team is composed of visionaries committed to creating value and driving forward our innovative ideas.



We’re dedicated to continual growth and evolution. Our team embodies resilience and discipline, committed to realizing our ambitious vision for the future.



Honesty and proactive decision-making are at our core. We value the courage to act and the integrity to remain true to our principles.

We reinvent how micro and nanodevices are made to expand the possibilities of our civilisation.

We are pioneers in simplifying micro and nano processing. Our groundbreaking work in developing the NANOFABRICATOR™ – the world’s first standalone atomic layer advanced manufacturing platform – revolutionizes micro and nanofabrication. With the capability to utilize over 450 commercially available materials, we bring to life micro and nanodevices in a fraction of the conventional time.

What We Offer

The team at ATLANT 3D is passionate about pushing the boundaries of micro and nanofabrication and advanced manufacturing. It consists of experts in various fields of advanced engineering, science, high precision industrial machine design, surface chemistry, thin film processing, software development, finance, business development, and marketing.

A Unique Experience

Join us in a groundbreaking journey to make a significant technological leap.

Growth Opportunities

As we expand, we seek experts eager to grow and excel in both technical and business realms.

Learning and Development

Immerse yourself in a cross-disciplinary environment, from design to nanotechnology, and pioneer new knowledge and technologies with us.

Work-Life Balance

We cherish the balance between professional dedication and personal well-being, embracing the culture of Danish Hygge and Bavarian-style relaxation.

Growth Opportunities

Unique Experience

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Open Roles

We are continuously on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our dynamic team. Explore our current job openings and seize the opportunity to become a part of ATLANT 3D.

Prototype Development Engineer – Inspired by MythBusters

Research and Development

Taastrup, Denmark

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Technical Program and Project Manager

Product Development

Taastrup, Denmark

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Sen. Electrical Design & Integration Engineer

Product Development

Taastrup, Denmark

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Scientific Project and Funding Manager

Strategy and Fundraising

Taastrup, Denmark

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Operations & Supply Chain

Taastrup, Denmark

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Business Development Manager

Sales and Marketing

Taastrup, Denmark

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Questions and Answers

ATLANT3D stands at the forefront of atomic-scale manufacturing, revolutionizing industries such as micro and nanoelectronics, optics, and photonics. As you embark on your journey with us, these FAQs will help you understand our core values, the innovative work we do, and the exciting opportunities that await you.

ATLANT 3D is a pioneer in advanced atomic-scale manufacturing, offering a highly innovative platform that accelerates innovation across various industries. Our technology helps customers leverage advanced materials, electronics, and infrastructure to reduce innovation cycles, lower costs, and save time

ATLANT 3D’s vision is to drive the Atomic Scale Manufacturing Era, enabling innovative solutions atom by atom. Our mission focuses on enabling rapid innovation with cutting-edge processes for integrated manufacturing while creating a global ecosystem with partners.

The core product of ATLANT 3D is the Nanofabricator™ series, including variants like Nanofabricator™ Lite and Nanofabricator™ Pro. Our key technology, Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP™), is a significant advancement, applicable in advanced electronics, materials development, microelectronics, optics, photonics, and emerging technologies

ATLANT 3D is pioneering in combining unique advanced technologies for smart atomically precise advanced manufacturing. It was founded with the vision of delivering the first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology to revolutionize the electronics, optics, and photonics industries.

The team at ATLANT 3D is passionate about pushing the boundaries of micro and nanofabrication and advanced manufacturing. It consists of experts in various fields of advanced engineering, science, high precision industrial machine design, surface chemistry, thin film processing, software development, finance, business development, and marketing.

The core values of ATLANT 3D include an entrepreneurial mindset, commitment, integrity, and decisiveness. We cultivate innovation, dedication to progress, honesty, and initiative, aiming to have a positive impact and advance prosperity.

ATLANT 3D offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be part of a unique and groundbreaking technology. Employees have the opportunity for growth and learning in a cross-disciplinary field. The company emphasizes work-life balance and fosters an environment of continuous development and innovation.

ATLANT 3D positions itself as a key player in the global technology landscape, especially in micro and nanotechnology. Our innovative approach and advanced manufacturing techniques have the potential to significantly impact various high-tech industries.

ATLANT 3D focuses on micro and nanofabrication, atomic layer deposition, high precision system development, chemical engineering, material science, surface chemistry, thin film processing, software development, and artificial intelligence.

New employees at ATLANT 3D can expect to engage in challenging and innovative projects that push the limits of current technologies. They will contribute to the development of micro and nanodevices, working on some of the most complex problems facing humanity.

ATLANT 3D embraces a mindset of constantly looking forward to new possibilities. They tackle each challenge as an opportunity to be original and unique, fostering a culture of entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance.

ATLANT 3D is reinventing how micro and nanodevices are made, expanding the possibilities of our civilization. We aim to develop a fully autonomous smart nano factory for complex 3D micro and nanodevices, enabling rapid innovation in various applications and industries.

TLANT3D is always looking for talented individuals in various technical and business expertise areas. We welcome open applications for those whose profiles may not match current job openings but are passionate about contributing to the company’s mission.

The company emphasizes cooperation and teamwork, believing that collective commitment and dedication are key to achieving significant impacts and advancing both the company’s and clients’ prosperity.

ATLANT 3D aims to continue advancing its technology, expanding its application portfolio, and strengthening its market position. Our long-term goal is to become a leader in atomic-scale innovation and manufacturing, significantly impacting advanced industries.

The company’s European roots, with collaboration from major universities like the Technical University of Denmark, the Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, underscore its commitment to research excellence and innovation in advanced manufacturing.

ATLANT 3D provides a dynamic environment for learning and professional growth, encompassing a range of disciplines from design and programming to nanotechnology. Employees have the opportunity to become pioneers in new knowledge and technologies.

The work culture at ATLANT 3D is characterized by a blend of innovation, commitment, and integrity. The team is encouraged to be entrepreneurial, decisive, and dedicated to advancing the company’s vision and goals.

ATLANT 3D values the balance between work and personal life. We support and encourage a healthy work-life balance and embrace cultural aspects like Danish Hygge and Bavarian-style living.

By democratizing access to advanced technologies, ATLANT 3D’s atomic layer processing/printing is positioned as a game-changer for civilization, enabling rapid innovation in micro and nanodevices which have widespread applications across various industries.