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Industrial R&D


Empowering material innovation and prototyping with multi-material sequential deposition and unmatched sample versatility levating industrial capabilities. Discover the power of advanced micro- and nano-scale fabrication.


In development

Release Date

August 2024


Ready for pre-order

Up to 6 Materials simultaneously

400 to 50 µm Line Width

Sample size up to 200 mm

Deposition speed up to 500 mm/s

Sequential deposition of up to 6 materials. 6 different precursors and 6 different reactants can be loaded at the same time, allowing you to quickly switch between the materials you wish to deposit or test.

Samples size up to 200mm. The stage of NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO can accommodate wafers up to 8” and other shapes under 200×200 mm.

Rapid deposition. The NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO stage can move up to 500mm/s, with a deposition speed dependent on the sample and process specifications.

DALP® Technology

The Future of Precision Nanofabrication

The NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO, ATLANT 3D’s advanced nanofabrication system, is engineered for the future of material innovation. It is a state-of-the-art tool designed for precision and versatility in atomic layer deposition, setting a new benchmark in the field of nanotechnology.

The core of the NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO lies in its revolutionary ability to sequentially deposit up to six different materials. This is achieved through a sophisticated system that simultaneously loads six different precursors and reactants, allowing rapid transitions between materials. The platform’s rapid processing speed, up to 500mm/s, combined with a high-resolution DALP® (micro Direct Atomic Layer Processing) system, ensures precise and efficient material deposition.



ATLANT 3D’s proprietary DALP® – DIRECT ATOMIC LAYER PROCESSING technology is enabling a paradigm shift across the whole value chain from advanced material innovation to advanced manufacturing of industrial solutions.

Current photolithography-based process
Direct Atomic Layer Processing​

Key features of the NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO

The NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO offers a suite of benefits that transform the way materials are developed and devices are crafted. Whether it’s for cutting-edge research or groundbreaking industrial applications, the NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO opens doors of innovation.

  • Versatility: Accommodates a wide range of materials and sample sizes up to 300×300 mm.
  • Precision: Advanced DALP® technology offers exceptional control over deposition with resolutions up to 400 μm.
  • Efficiency: High-speed deposition capabilities significantly reduce processing time.
  • Adaptability: Manual loading and vacuum holding methods provide flexibility for various research needs.
  • Consistency: Maintains high uniformity in heater temperature crucial for sensitive processes.
Advanced Microfabrication


At the heart of the NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO is the Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology, a breakthrough in nanoscale engineering. This technology allows for atomic-scale precision, enabling the creation of materials and devices with unprecedented accuracy and complexity.

It is designed for rapid prototyping and the development of new device structures, offering a wide selection of materials for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes. Additionally, its lithography-less single-wafer optimization significantly streamlines the fabrication process, making it an ideal tool for innovative and efficient prototype development in various scientific and industrial fields.

DALP® has revolutionized prototyping, turning a traditionally lengthy process into a rapid, precise operation. Key benefits include accelerated development cycles, atomic-level control for complex prototypes, versatile material and surface adaptability, and cost reductions due to increased efficiency. This advancement in DALP® fosters a conducive environment for innovative microdevice fabrication, marking a significant leap in microfabrication technology.







Research and Development Capabilities

Our patent pending rapid and direct atomic layer processing technology DALP® offers rapid material and process development and testing, maskless process flexibility, and unparalleled prototyping speed, reducing the time of design iterations, resource allocation and cost of innovation. ​

The NANOFABRICATOR™ PRO is a researcher’s ally, providing unmatched capabilities for innovative research and development in nanotechnology. Its ability to handle diverse materials and complex deposition processes makes it ideal for experimental and pioneering work in advanced material science.

Line Width

100 µm now, 25 µm in development, 1 µm long term goal