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ATLANT 3D Receives Patent in USA for Atomic Layer Process Printer

ATLANT 3D Secures United States Patent for Atomic Layer Process Printer, Achieving a Major Technological Breakthrough.

Copenhagen, 30, April 2024

ATLANT 3D, a leader in atomic-scale advanced manufacturing technology, today announced it has been granted a United States patent for its “Atomic Layer Process Printer.” This patent underscores the company’s continuous progression and commitment to innovation in manufacturing technology.

The newly patented technology enables precise material deposition, etching, and cleaning at the atomic level. It is pivotal for the construction of micro- and nano-devices, employing over 450 different materials to reduce waste and decrease energy consumption.

This patent protects the unique technology embedded in ATLANT 3D’s NANOFABRICATOR™ tools, notably the advanced printhead and nozzle design that accommodates a wide array of operating conditions, from atmospheric pressure to vacuum environments. Such adaptability is essential for industries demanding exacting manufacturing precision.

As part of its strategy to expand its intellectual property portfolio globally, ATLANT 3D continues to develop its DALP® (Direct Atomic Layer Processing) technology, affirming its leadership in the precision manufacturing sector.

About ATLANT 3D:

Founded in 2018, ATLANT 3D is spearheading developments in atomic-scale manufacturing. The company’s proprietary DALP® technology is enhancing micro- and nanofabrication, supporting industries such as MEMS, microfluidics, optics, photonics, energy devices, and more through precise and innovative manufacturing solutions.

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