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We are transforming manufacturing with a focus on zero-waste in micro and nanofabrication, guided by environmental responsibility and economic efficiency.

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Sustainability Vision


Sustainability is a core element of our vision. We see the future of manufacturing as not just innovative and efficient, but also eco-friendly. Our technologies aim to cut waste, reduce energy use, and lessen manufacturing’s environmental impact. Through sustainable practices, we strive to set a standard, demonstrating that technological progress and environmental care can go hand in hand.

In the realm of microelectronics, crucial for various products from consumer electronics to medical devices, traditional production methods typically consume a lot of energy and create considerable waste. ATLANT 3D introduces a sustainable, environmentally conscious technology for zero-waste advanced manufacturing of nano- and microelectronics.

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DALP™ Technology


At ATLANT 3D, sustainability is at the core of our innovation and business strategy. We’re not just at the forefront of technological advancements in manufacturing; we are also setting new standards for environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic sustainability.

Utilizing atomic precision in manufacturing, we drastically reduce material waste, minimize harmful emissions, and conserve energy, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. From initial design to end-of-life disposal, our products are developed with a lifecycle approach, optimizing each stage for minimal environmental impact.

Our Technology
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Enhanced economic competitiveness

ATLANT 3D’s technology could help countries to develop and manufacture new products and services, enhancing their economic competitiveness.

Production of sustainable materials

ATLANT 3D’s technology can be used to produce sustainable materials and this could help to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Reduced waste and energy consumption

ATLANT 3D’s technology can be used to produce products with less waste and with less energy consumption than traditional manufacturing methods.


ATLANT 3D is at the forefront of integrating sustainability into advanced manufacturing. Our commitment extends beyond innovative technology; it’s about shaping a sustainable future. We’re proud members of the United Nations Global Compact, reinforcing our dedication to global sustainability standards.

Our NANOFABRICATOR™ series, at the forefront of our sustainable technology efforts, exemplifies precision manufacturing with zero waste, significantly reducing our environmental impact. This aligns with the broader goals of the United Nations Global Compact, ensuring our operations respect and promote ethical, sustainable practices.

Embracing a Greener Tomorrow

Reducing Environmental Impact: Our technology significantly diminishes the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes. By leveraging atomic layer deposition (ALD), we achieve precise material utilization, drastically reducing waste and energy consumption. Our Nanofabricator devices are designed to be energy-efficient and minimize the use of hazardous materials, ensuring an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Resource Efficiency: Our innovative approach enables the production of sustainable materials, reducing waste, energy, and water consumption. We actively engage in practices that promote the use of recycled materials and aim for zero waste to landfill by 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We align our operations with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on areas such as good health and well-being, quality education, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, and climate action. Our technology is instrumental in developing new medical devices, educational tools, renewable energy sources, and more, contributing significantly to these global goals.

Transformative Technology for a Sustainable Future

Nanomaterials and Renewable Energy: Our focus on nanomaterials is central to driving sustainable solutions in renewable energy, energy storage, and beyond. These materials are pivotal in enhancing the efficiency of wind turbines, solar cells, and developing more efficient batteries and supercapacitors.

Sustainable Microelectronics Manufacturing: Traditionally, microelectronics manufacturing has been resource-intensive. ATLANT 3D introduces a sustainable alternative that is not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable.

Setting New Benchmarks in Sustainable Manufacturing

At ATLANT 3D, we are not just changing how things are made; we are redefining the principles of manufacturing. Our commitment to sustainability is a testament to our belief that responsible innovation and business practices can create a positive impact on the world, paving the way for a more sustainable future in manufacturing and beyond.

Shaping a Sustainable World

At ATLANT 3D, we believe that sustainable manufacturing is not just a responsibility but an opportunity to lead positive change for our planet and future generations. Join us as we embark on this journey, innovating for a better tomorrow.

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