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Discover the Future of Micro and Nanofabrication

Shaping the Nano Frontier

Embark on a journey into the extraordinary world of ATLANT 3D, where groundbreaking innovation meets practical application. We are the architects of the first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing platform, reshaping the landscape of advanced materials, microelectronics, and semiconductor solutions.

At ATLANT 3D, our mission is to unlock the full potential of nanotechnology. We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that accelerate innovation, enhance efficiency, and contribute to sustainable practices in the industry. We are building the future atomically precise advanced manufacturing technology & infrastructure for micro and nanoelectronics, optics & photonics on Earth and Beyond.


Redefining Micro and Nanodevice Fabrication

ATLANT 3D is a pioneering atomic scale advanced manufacturing company that utilizes several digital atomically precise processing technologies for enabling rapid innovation across the whole value chain from the investigation of advanced material, prototyping of micro and nanodevices, and scaling manufacturing of final applications in megatrend application domains such as optics, photonics, MEMS/sensors, microfluidics, RF and printed electronics, More than Moore emerging applications, aerospace and defense industries. ​

The current material, devices, and applications innovation cycle in micro/nanoelectronics and functional devices is highly complex and inflexible and requires expensive cleanroom-based infrastructure, including multiple units of expensive equipment and services provided by expensive, highly educated experts. On an innovation level, simple microdevices could be developed within 6-12 months until they are ready for testing. At a global level, such an innovation cycle leads to a globalized supply chain, localized to specific regions and dependent on geopolitical situations. Therefore, many leading countries are in a rush to secure the core of modern industry – semiconductor and electronics manufacturing in their own countries. ​

ATLANT 3D offers a unique technological platform that enables the use of multiple materials, processes, and equipment that will allow on-demand high-precision rapid processing of advanced materials, device prototyping, and manufacturing within hours or days at a fraction of cost comparable to traditional methods and infrastructures. ATLANT 3D offers unique capabilities across the value chain, flexibility in innovation and integration in scalable manufacturing, zero waste, and compatibility with semiconductor industry standards. Moreover, our unique solutions enable creation of zero-waste processes in network-centric innovation ecosystems with Advanced Hubs where innovation cycles is covered from idea to scalable manufacturing and within a fraction of time. We enable the first-ever complete cycle atomic scale advanced manufacturing in a network-centric innovation ecosystem on Earth and Beyond. ​

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DALP®: Revolutionizing Material Science, The Heart of Our Technological Breakthrough.

Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) represents the core of ATLANT 3D’s innovation. This cutting-edge technology enables unprecedented precision in micro and nanofabrication. DALP® allows for the manipulation of materials at the atomic level, leading to groundbreaking advancements in material science and electronics. Our expertise in atomic layer processing ensures that we can build devices and components with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Our Technology

DALP® Technology

Unlike conventional methods used in microfabrication, DALP® allows for precise atomic layer deposition, etching, and cleaning. This technology enables complex patterning with multiple materials within a single process, which is a considerable advancement over traditional fabrication techniques.

Precision and Customization

ATLANT 3D’s systems offer unparalleled precision and customization capabilities. They can handle various materials, providing flexibility and precision that is often not achievable with traditional manufacturing technologies.

Scalability and Integration

ATLANT 3D’s equipment is designed to be scalable and easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes. This makes them a viable option for a range of applications, from small-scale R&D projects to larger industrial manufacturing tasks.


The NANOFABRICATOR™ series, encompassing the NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite and NANOFABRICATOR™ Pro, represents our commitment to bringing innovative ideas to fruition. These platforms offer unparalleled versatility in manufacturing, capable of handling over 450 commercially available materials. They are not just tools but enablers of rapid prototyping and production, significantly reducing the time and complexity involved in bringing micro and nanodevices from concept to reality.

Our Products

Material Versatility and Sustainable Practices

At ATLANT 3D, we prioritize both versatility and sustainability. Our technology is capable of processing a wide range of materials, offering our partners the freedom to explore and innovate across various applications.

Advancing Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Our innovative technology is not just about enhancing existing processes; it’s about creating new possibilities. We are pushing the boundaries of traditional manufacturing, enabling the production of complex structures and devices that were once deemed impossible.

Learning and Development

Immerse yourself in a cross-disciplinary environment, from design to nanotechnology, and pioneer new knowledge and technologies with us.

Work-Life Balance

We cherish the balance between professional dedication and personal well-being, embracing the culture of Danish Hygge and Bavarian-style relaxation.


ATLANT 3D’s strategic objective is to radically transform the lifecycle of electronics design and manufacturing. The company’s innovation aims to compress the development timeline from decades to no more than a year, rapidly transforming new ideas into marketable products. This dramatic reduction in time-to-market is a cornerstone of ATLANT 3D’s vision to revolutionize the electronics industry.

Central to ATLANT 3D’s vision is the creation of a decentralized, smart advanced manufacturing infrastructure. This infrastructure is grounded in ATLANT 3D’s proprietary know-how and anticipates the integration of other advanced technologies in the future. The establishment of a network of advanced manufacturing hubs, known as A-Hubs, around the globe is pivotal to this vision. These hubs will foster a radical innovation ecosystem, where partners, regardless of their size, can access ATLANT 3D’s technology and knowledge.

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A-HUB: Driving Collaborative Innovation in Nanotechnology

A-HUB is ATLANT 3D’s premier innovation center, serving as a nexus for collaboration, research, and development in micro and nanotechnology. It is designed to foster partnerships and co-development projects, leveraging our groundbreaking DALP® technology and NANOFABRICATOR machines. A-HUB is where ideas converge, and future technologies are born, offering investors a unique opportunity to be part of pioneering advancements in numerous industries.

A-LAB: Pioneering Research and Development

A-LAB, situated within A-HUB, is our state-of-the-art research and development facility. Here, we conduct pilot projects and joint development initiatives, pushing the boundaries of atomic layer processing and microfabrication. A-LAB represents our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

A-FAB: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Microfabrication as a Service (MaaS)

A-FAB is an integral part of A-HUB, offering the first-ever on-demand atomic layer advanced manufacturing service. It utilizes our hybrid Microreactor Direct Atomic Processing (μDALP™) to provide customized microfabrication solutions. This service allows clients and partners to experiment, test, and develop new engineering and scientific solutions with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

A Unified Approach to Advancing Micro and Nanotechnology

The synergistic operation of A-HUB, A-LAB, and A-FAB underlines ATLANT 3D’s holistic approach to innovation. A-HUB serves as the overarching ecosystem supporting both the R&D-focused A-LAB and the service-oriented A-FAB. This integrated model not only enhances our operational efficiency but also maximizes the impact and reach of our technology. It positions ATLANT 3D as a leader in the micro and nanotechnology sector, offering investors a diversified and robust platform for growth and innovation.

The A-Hub model enables the establishment of decentralized manufacturing centers globally. This approach allows for localizing manufacturing capabilities, reducing dependencies on extensive supply chains, and fostering regional innovation.

A-Hubs provide access to ATLANT 3D’s atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology. Partners ranging from startups to large corporations can utilize this technology to accelerate their product development cycles, focusing on innovation rather than infrastructure.

ATLANT 3D envisions a collaborative ecosystem where partners and customers can co-design solutions. This collaboration ensures that the products and technologies developed are closely aligned with market needs and emerging trends. 

The A-Hub model is not confined to specific industries. It spans across various sectors such as semiconductor, aerospace, biomedical, automotive, and more. This versatility is crucial in addressing a wide array of technological challenges and opportunities. 

By leveraging ATLANT 3D’s technology, A-Hubs can significantly reduce the time from concept to market-ready products. This rapid innovation cycle is vital in industries where technological advancements occur at an accelerated pace. 

The ultimate goal is to develop a global ecosystem of A-Hubs. This network will not only facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources but also foster a community of innovators and creators who can push the boundaries of what’s possible in advanced manufacturing. 

The A-Hub model is designed to be both customizable to the needs of individual partners and scalable to accommodate growth and expansion. This flexibility ensures that the A-Hubs can adapt to changing market dynamics and technological advancements. 

The A-Hub approach is focused on creating long-term value for ATLANT 3D and its partners. By fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, the model aims to generate sustainable growth and profitability. 

A Sustainable Approach to Technological Advancement

Sustainability is integral to our mission. We believe that the future of manufacturing must not only be innovative and efficient but also environmentally conscious. Our technologies are designed to reduce waste, lower energy consumption, and minimize the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes. By prioritizing sustainable practices, we aim to lead by example, showing that technological advancement and environmental stewardship can coexist harmoniously.
Microelectronics are essential components in a wide range of products, from consumer electronics to medical devices. However, traditional manufacturing methods for microelectronics are often energy-intensive and produce significant waste. ATLANT 3D offers a new approach to microelectronics manufacturing that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
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Enhanced economic competitiveness & innovation

ATLANT 3D’s technology could help countries to develop and manufacture new products and services, enhancing their economic competitiveness.

Production of sustainable materials

ATLANT 3D’s technology can be used to produce sustainable materials and this could help to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Reduced waste and energy consumption

ATLANT 3D’s technology can be used to produce products with less waste and with less energy consumption than traditional manufacturing methods.


Business Model and Roadmap

Our business model focuses on simplifying complex processes, ensuring rapid prototyping and innovation. With a roadmap designed for scalability and adaptability, we are poised for significant growth and technological breakthroughs.

2018: Foundational Phase

Founding: ATLANT 3D was established by three scientists with a vision to enable atomic scale manufacturing.

Seed funding: The company secured its initial investment.

Team Development: Began building a strong, multidisciplinary team of experts.

2019: Early Development and Collaboration

Pilot Projects: The first pilot project was initiated.

Team Expansion: The team grew, underlining the company’s commitment to technological scalability.

Intellectual Property: First patent application filed.

2020: Strategic Partnerships and Funding

Collaboration Investment: Secured a collaboration investment with Sony.

NASA Project: Signed up for a NASA project.

Funding and Team Growth: Continued to expand its team and secured significant funding.

2021: Technological Validation and Expansion

EU Projects: Participation in a €10M EU project with partners like Prima Electro & STMicroelectronics, and a €3.6M EU project (ATOPLOT) for developing an industrial pilot system for atomic scale manufacturing.

Funding: Raised €15M led by Westhill Capital.

NANOFABRICATOR Development: Commenced development of NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite for the Lab/R&D market.

2022: Market Introduction and Growth


Team Expansion: Team size reached 18.

Business Model Evolution: The company’s business model transitioned towards LabFab services, NANOFABRICATOR sales, and joint development projects​​.

2023: Scaling and Commercial Launch

A-Hub Launch: Launched the first A-Hub in Copenhagen.

NANOFABRICATOR Lite Commercialization: Introduced NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite to the market.

Team Size: Grew to 30 employees.

2024-2028: Market Penetration and Expansion

Geographical and Industry Sector Expansion: Plans for broadening global reach and market penetration.

Product Portfolio Diversification: Introducing new models and applications to meet evolving market needs.

Strategic Partnerships: Forming essential alliances to enhance market impact and technological influence​​.

2029-2035: Leadership and Global Influence

Market Dominance: Targeting over €1 billion in revenue, establishing as a leader in atomic-scale manufacturing.

Technological Advancements: Continual innovation to maintain market front-runner status.

Global Operational Expansion: Setting up additional manufacturing hubs and sales offices worldwide​​.

Questions & Answers

We understand the importance of informed decision-making for our investors. Our FAQ section addresses key inquiries, providing insights into our strategies, operations, and future prospects.

ATLANT 3D is a pioneer in advanced atomic-scale manufacturing, offering a highly innovative platform that accelerates innovation across various industries. Our technology helps customers leverage advanced materials, electronics, and infrastructure to reduce innovation cycles, lower costs, and save time

ATLANT 3D’s vision is to drive the Atomic Scale Manufacturing Era, enabling innovative solutions atom by atom. Our mission focuses on enabling rapid innovation with cutting-edge processes for integrated manufacturing while creating a global ecosystem with partners.

Our long-term goals include becoming the industry leader in atomic-scale manufacturing, continually advancing our technology, and expanding our global footprint. We envision ATLANT 3D playing a pivotal role in various industries by providing advanced, sustainable solutions for micro and nanofabrication. Ultimately, we aim to drive innovation that positively impacts society and the environment.

Sustainability is integral to our operations. We prioritize energy-efficient processes, aim to minimize waste, and focus on developing environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with global environmental goals and resonates with partners and clients who value eco-friendly practices.

The core product of ATLANT 3D is the NANOFABRICATOR™ series, including variants like NANOFABRICATOR™ Lite and NANOFABRICATOR™ Pro. Our key technology, Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®), is a significant advancement, applicable in advanced electronics, materials development, microelectronics, optics, photonics, and emerging technologies

ATLANT 3D operates on a multifaceted business model that includes equipment sales (NANOFABRICATORs), LabFab services for rapid innovation cycles, pilot/feasibility projects, joint development of solutions, and a focus on expanding its A-Hub services model and NANOFABRICATOR marketplace.

ATLANT 3D has achieved significant milestones, including securing seed funding, collaborating with major industry players like SONY and MERCK, and participating in high-value EU projects. We developed product line, completed numerous customer projects, and raised substantial funds, showcasing their technological and market validation.

ATLANT 3D is pioneering in combining unique advanced technologies for smart atomically precise advanced manufacturing. It was founded with the vision of delivering the first-ever atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology to revolutionize the electronics, optics, and photonics industries.

ATLANT 3D stands out for its pioneering Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology and the NANOFABRICATOR™ series. Our unique approach enables unprecedented precision and versatility in micro and nanofabrication, setting us apart from traditional manufacturing methods. Our capability to work with over 450 materials and our focus on sustainable practices further distinguish us in the industry.

The team at ATLANT 3D is passionate about pushing the boundaries of micro and nanofabrication and advanced manufacturing. It consists of experts in various fields of advanced engineering, science, high precision industrial machine design, surface chemistry, thin film processing, software development, finance, business development, and marketing.

The core values of ATLANT 3D include an entrepreneurial mindset, commitment, integrity, and decisiveness. We cultivate innovation, dedication to progress, honesty, and initiative, aiming to have a positive impact and advance prosperity.

ATLANT 3D positions itself as a key player in the global technology landscape, especially in micro and nanotechnology. Our innovative approach and advanced manufacturing techniques have the potential to significantly impact various high-tech industries.

Our strategy for sustaining and growing our market position includes continuous innovation in our core technology, expanding our equipment sales, and enhancing our LabFab services. We actively seek partnerships for joint development projects and explore emerging applications, ensuring that we stay ahead of industry trends and demands.

ATLANT 3D targets a market exceeding $1.8 trillion, focusing on fundamental and industrial R&D, emerging technologies, microelectronics, optics, and photonics. The market for micro and nanotechnology is rapidly expanding, driven by demands in healthcare, electronics, aerospace, and renewable energy sectors. With our advanced technology, we are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. The versatility of our DALP™ technology and the NANOFABRICATOR™ series enables us to tap into various industries, presenting significant opportunities for market expansion and growth.

ATLANT 3D focuses on micro and nanofabrication, atomic layer deposition, high precision system development, chemical engineering, material science, surface chemistry, thin film processing, software development, and artificial intelligence.

ATLANT 3D embraces a mindset of constantly looking forward to new possibilities. They tackle each challenge as an opportunity to be original and unique, fostering a culture of entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance.

ATLANT 3D is reinventing how micro and nanodevices are made, expanding the possibilities of our civilization. We aim to develop a fully autonomous smart nano factory for complex 3D micro and nanodevices, enabling rapid innovation in various applications and industries.

ATLANT 3D aims to continue advancing its technology, expanding its application portfolio, and strengthening its market position. Our long-term goal is to become a leader in atomic-scale innovation and manufacturing, significantly impacting advanced industries.

The company’s European roots, with collaboration from major universities like the Technical University of Denmark, the Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, underscore its commitment to research excellence and innovation in advanced manufacturing.

By democratizing access to advanced technologies, ATLANT 3D’s atomic layer processing/printing is positioned as a game-changer for civilization, enabling rapid innovation in micro and nanodevices which have widespread applications across various industries.

ATLANT 3D’s technology contributes to reduced reliance on foreign suppliers, enhanced economic competitiveness and innovation, production of sustainable materials, and reduced waste and energy consumption. This is particularly relevant in critical areas such as semiconductors, new materials for aerospace, and defense applications.

Cost-Based Pricing: The pricing of the NANOFABRICATOR Lite and NANOFABRICATOR Pro is determined based on a cost-based strategy, taking into account the costs of R&D, production, materials, and a margin that sustains business growth and reflects the value provided.

Market Comparison and Value Proposition: Prices are benchmarked against competing technologies in the market, ensuring they are competitive while also reflecting the advanced capabilities and unique value proposition of ATLANT 3D’s products.

Customer Value and ROI: The pricing strategy considers the long-term value and return on investment (ROI) these machines offer to customers, particularly in terms of efficiency, innovation capability, and operational cost savings.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: ATLANT 3D is primarily positioned in the advanced manufacturing equipment segment of the value chain, focusing on providing innovative tools like the NANOFABRICATOR Lite and Pro for atomic-scale manufacturing.

Research and Development Services: Beyond equipment, ATLANT 3D engages in the R&D services sector, aiding clients in developing new materials and applications using their cutting-edge technology.

End-to-End Solutions Provider: By offering a comprehensive suite of services from equipment sales to LabFab services and joint development projects, ATLANT 3D aims to be a complete solution provider in the atomic-scale manufacturing domain.

Market Adoption and Technological Evolution: The primary risk for ATLANT 3D lies in the pace and extent of market adoption of its advanced atomic-scale manufacturing technology. Rapid technological evolution in this sector presents both opportunities and challenges, requiring ATLANT 3D to continuously innovate to stay relevant and competitive.

Supply Chain Volatility: Dependence on specialized components poses a risk, as supply chain disruptions can significantly impact production timelines and costs.

Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguarding proprietary technology against infringement and navigating complex IP landscapes is critical and challenging.

ATLANT 3D offers a strategic advantage with its innovative technology in a high-growth market. Our unique DALP® technology, a broad patent portfolio, and strong partnerships position ATLANT 3D as a leader in the atomic-scale manufacturing space. The company’s commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impact further adds to its appeal.

Investment opportunities in ATLANT 3D include equity investments, strategic partnerships, and collaborative development projects. We offer investors a chance to be part of a company leading in an emerging field with a significant growth trajectory. Detailed information about specific investment opportunities can be provided upon request.

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