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Public Funding Project


Integrating AI in advanced manufacturing


EU Horizon



Start Date

Q1 2024


5.57m EUR


Prima Additive Srl (Coordinator), Iris Srl; Amplitude; Alite Srl; Morphica Srl; Idryma Technologias Kai Erevnas; Foto-katalytika Nano Ylika I.k.e.; Politecnico Di Torino; Hogskolan Vast; Gkn Aerospace Sweden Ab; Neos Surgery Sl; Hydro Alps; Scuola Universitaria Professionale Della Svizzera Italiana; Femtoprint Sa; Mch-tronics Sagl​.


Creating a multi-scale, multi-process machine for high value-added products with disruptive functionalities. WISE focuses on integrating advanced AI engineering and manufacturing techniques to produce complex multifunctional products in various sectors​​.

WISE sets a new frontier for product complexity by shifting the focus from geometry to functionality, introducing features such as self healing, triggered biomolecule diffusion, and smart repairing. This disruption redefines current design methodology, leveraging advanced AI-aided engineering and multi-scale, multi-process manufacturing to achieve unprecedented complexity.

WISE has the potential to drive a discontinuity in the growth of the European industry by convincingly demonstrating an innovative, competitive, and scalable manufacturing concept based on a single machine that integrates macroscale processing (i.e., DED via hybrid blue-IR lasers) and micro-nano scale processing (i.e., fs and ns laser ablation, 2PP, DALP). WISE will deliver a TRL7 multi-process machine integrating high-precision, multi-scale techniques for producing complex multifunctional products.

The project will demonstrate the machine’s performance, flexibility, and precision by producing three complex hybrid products in MedTech, Aerospace, and Power generation sectors. The project builds upon TRL5-validated results from previous H2020 projects, which have brought significant innovations in the field of advanced manufacturing and enabling technologies.

The work plan includes a final demonstration to validate the solution through the production of complex components based on end-user requirements. Upon completion, WISE will be further developed to reach TRL9 within 24 months, leading to its commercial launch as a multi-process manufacturing station.

The WISE consortium is composed of 16 partners, including 8 SMEs, 4 LE, and 4 RTD. Their expertise covers mechatronics, intelligent nanostructured components, laser-material interaction, high-precision machines and tools.

The project partners form a cluster of European countries playing crucial roles in the production of functionalized products with smart functionalities, adaptive photonic solutions, and advanced mechatronic systems. ​

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