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Network-centric, smart manufacturing infrastructure underpinned by our proprietary technology

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Discover how ATLANT 3D can support your innovative projects and lab-fab scaling with our A-HUB services, enabling materials scouting, rapid prototyping, scalable manufacturing.

Rapid Prototyping

A-HUB accelerates the journey from concept to prototype reducing development time dramatically.

Bespoke Solutions

Tailored projects and customized manufacturing meet the unique needs of every client.

Expert Collaboration

Gain access to a team of experts in atomic layer processing material science and more.

Innovative Technology

Utilize ATLANT 3D’s cutting-edge DALP™ technology for unmatched precision and efficiency.

The Innovation Nexus

A-HUB: Driving Collaborative Innovation in Nanotechnology

A-HUB serves as a nexus for collaboration, research, and development in micro and nanotechnology. It is designed to foster partnerships and co-development projects, leveraging our groundbreaking DALP™ technology and Nanofabricator machines. A-HUB is where ideas converge, and future technologies are born.

Cooperation opportunities:

  • Joint product development: Partner with us to co-develop new electronics products.
  • Manufacturing outsourcing: Leverage our advanced manufacturing capabilities to produce your products efficiently.
  • Technology transfer: Gain access to our proprietary technology through licensing or joint development.
The R&D Powerhouse

A-LAB: Pioneering Research and Development

A-LAB, situated within A-HUB, is our state-of-the-art research and development facility. Here, we conduct pilot projects and joint development initiatives, pushing the boundaries of atomic layer processing and microfabrication. A-LAB represents our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

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Microfabrication Service

A-FAB: Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Microfabrication as a Service (MaaS)

A-FAB is an integral part of A-HUB, offering the first-ever on-demand atomic layer advanced manufacturing service. It utilizes our hybrid Microreactor Direct Atomic Processing (μDALP™) to provide customized microfabrication solutions. This service allows clients and partners to experiment, test, and develop new engineering and scientific solutions with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

LabFab Services
Innovation Center

A Diverse Array of Industries at A-HUB

A-HUB serves a broad spectrum of industries, from semiconductor manufacturing to advanced material research, and aerospace to medical technology. Our versatile approach makes A-HUB an ideal partner for sectors that demand the utmost precision and innovation.

Engaging with A-HUB opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re looking to bring a groundbreaking idea to life or seeking to leverage the latest in atomic layer manufacturing, A-HUB is your gateway. Connect with us to discover how A-HUB can transform your ideas into reality and join the forefront of manufacturing innovation.

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