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In-space manufacturing


Pioneering advanced material innovation in space and labs: revolutionizing space-based manufacturing and expanding horizons with atomic precision in material science.

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Space Technology Redefined. NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G, developed in collaboration with NASA and ESA, sets new standards in atomic layer processing for space environments.

Precision Engineering for Space. Engineered for extreme precision in micro and zero gravity, it’s an essential tool for advanced material development in space.

Revolutionizing In-Space Manufacturing. This state of the art machine is a game-changer for in-space prototyping and manufacturing, offering unprecedented capabilities.

In-Space Manufacturing

Accelerating Material Innovation

The NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G is ATLANT 3D’s groundbreaking solution, specially designed for NASA and ESA to operate seamlessly in zero gravity conditions. This innovative machine leverages the unique Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology, making it the first of its kind to offer selective area direct atomic layer processing. It marks a significant leap forward in rapid prototyping and manufacturing of micro- and nanodevices in space and lab environments.

NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G is engineered to perform advanced thin-film material deposition in micro and zero gravity environments. Its exceptional functionality enables selective area thin films deposition, opening new horizons for experimental applications in space. This feature is crucial for NASA’s advanced material innovation and research in outer space settings.

The rapid prototyping capability of the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G significantly accelerates the development cycle of materials and devices, a critical advantage for space-based research and experiments. Its multi-material compatibility allows for experimentation with various materials, including dielectrics and metals, thereby broadening the scope of research applications. Uniquely designed for zero gravity adaptability, it operates flawlessly in both micro and zero gravity environments, maintaining its functionality and precision in the most challenging conditions.



At its core, it features advanced material deposition capabilities, enabling the deposition of a wide spectrum of materials with atomic precision, vital for crafting intricate micro and nanodevices. Its implementation of Selective Area Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP®) technology allows for exceptionally precise control over material deposition, ensuring high-resolution patterning essential for advanced research.

Advanced Material Deposition

Capable of depositing a wide range of materials with atomic precision essential for intricate micro and nanodevices.

Selective Area Direct Atomic Layer Processing

Utilizes DALP® technology for precise control over material deposition ensuring high-resolution patterning.

Rapid Prototyping Capability

Accelerates the development cycle of materials and devices crucial for space-based research and experiments.

Zero Gravity Adaptability

Specifically engineered to operate in micro and zero gravity environments maintaining functionality and precision.

Multi-Material Compatibility

Supports various materials including dielectrics metals and more offering versatility in research applications.

Compact Design

Optimized for space efficiency a critical factor in space missions where volume and weight are at a premium.

Tailored for Space and Lab Excellence

This state-of-the-art machine boasts compactness, a vital requirement for space missions, without compromising on its advanced features. It is equipped to handle the harsh conditions of micro and zero gravity, ensuring high-quality direct write ALD films and patterns.

A Journey of Innovation

ATLANT 3D’s collaboration with NASA on this project led to the development of the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G, a highly customized machine for selective area direct deposition in challenging environments. This partnership underscores ATLANT 3D’s capability to meet the most rigorous and specialized requirements.

Innovation Milestone

The development of the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G is a testament to ATLANT 3D’s innovative prowess. It represents a significant milestone in the field of material science and engineering, setting new standards for in-space manufacturing technologies.


Unparalleled Precision and Versatility

The NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G offers unmatched precision in material deposition, critical for the development of sophisticated micro and nanodevices. Its versatile design adapts to the stringent demands of space exploration, providing a reliable platform for in-situ material and device development under the unique conditions of outer space.

Pioneering Space Research: Opens new possibilities for material and device research in space.

Efficient Use of Space Resources: Maximizes the utility of limited resources in space environments.

Rapid In-Situ Prototyping: Accelerates the development of new technologies directly in space, reducing dependency on Earth-based resources.

Enhanced Research Capabilities: Expands the scope of experiments and research possible in space stations, on the moon, and in zero gravity conditions.


Development Roadmap

The development of the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G is a testament to ATLANT 3D’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of in-space manufacturing. Here is a detailed roadmap outlining the key milestones and future goals for this groundbreaking technology.

2021: NASA Becomes a Key Customer

Initiation of the Zero-Gravity Solution: NASA collaborates with ATLANT 3D, launching the first-ever zero-gravity solution for direct writing of thin-film materials, aimed at both in-space and in-lab prototyping and manufacturing.

2022: Collaboration with ESA

ATLANT 3D and ESA Partnership: ATLANT 3D announces a significant collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop technology for manufacturing electronic components in space, utilizing ATLANT 3D’s Direct Atomic Layer Processing technology.

Q2 2024: Prototype Demonstration in Simulator

NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G Prototype Testing: The prototype of NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G is set to be demonstrated in a simulator environment, in collaboration with NASA and ESA, to closely mimic the conditions of space and validate its functionalities.

Q4 2024: Parabolic Flight Demonstration

Testing in Microgravity Conditions: The NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G prototype will undergo a demonstration in a parabolic flight, providing crucial data and insights into its performance under microgravity conditions.

2025: Prototype Demonstration in Space

In-Space Prototype Testing: Building on the success of previous tests, the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G prototype will be demonstrated in space, marking a significant step towards operational readiness for space-based manufacturing.

2026: MVP Demonstration in Space

MVP Launch and Operation: The roadmap culminates in 2026 with the demonstration of the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G MVP in space. This milestone will showcase the full capabilities of the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G, solidifying its position as a vital tool for in-space material and device development.

The NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G is poised to revolutionize how we approach material development and manufacturing in space, offering unprecedented opportunities for research and exploration in the final frontier.

Nanofabricator™ 0G

Advanced specifications and functionality utilizing DALP® Technology

Technical Specifications Based on DAL® Technology

Microreactor Direct Atomic Processing (DALP®): Integrates ATLANT3D’s pioneering technology for on-demand atomic layer advanced manufacturing, allowing unparalleled precision in microfabrication.

Gas Deposition System: Employs sequential gas deposition for atomically precise patterning. Tested materials include TiO2, Pt, ZnO, SiO2, with ongoing updates and an extensive list of over 450 commercially available materials.

Multistack Printing: Features high-quality multi stack patterns and layers for complex devices, with cross-geometrical printing capabilities. It boasts a print resolution of 400 µm line width (25 µm in development) and an atomic monolayer (0.2 nm) vertical resolution.

Conformal Deposition on Complex Surfaces: Expertly designed for selective patterning on flat, corrugated, and porous surfaces, handling surface roughness up to 20 µm. This includes microfluidics channels, optical gratings, and nanostructured surfaces (nanopillar, nanograss, etc.).

Substrate Flexibility: Accommodates a wide range of substrate materials, customizable based on customer requirements.

Functionality Enhanced

Rapid Atomic Layer Prototyping and Manufacturing: Accelerates the development of next-generation microdevices with unprecedented speed and cost-efficiency.

Highly Selective Atomic Layer Patterning: Provides excellent 2D/3D conformal deposition on both simple and complex surfaces, suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Multiple Material Compatibility: Allows combining multiple materials with excellent compatibility, expanding the potential for innovative microdevice constructions.

Superior Pattern Adhesion: Ensures exceptional pattern adhesion to almost any surface, enhancing the durability and reliability of the produced devices.

Digital and Atomically Precise Control: Delivers digital and atomically precise control over the printing process, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in microfabrication.

Applications in Diverse Fields: Ideal for developing MEMS and integrated sensors, microfluidics and Lab-on-Chip devices, RF-devices, optical and photonic devices, quantum, and energy-harvesting / storage devices with unparalleled functionality.

Technical Capacity in Space-Based Applications

Innovative Material Research: Facilitates advanced research in materials science, tailored for the unique conditions of space exploration.

Adaptability to Space Conditions: Engineered to perform in micro and zero gravity environments, crucial for space-based material development and research.

Space Applications

Despite its advanced features, the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G boasts a compact design, making it ideal for space missions where space efficiency is paramount. Additionally, its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation and control, simplifying complex processes even in the demanding conditions of space environments.

International space station

Utilized for creating advanced sensors and components for environmental monitoring and experimental research in zero gravity conditions.

Lunar surface applications

Essential for developing materials and devices that withstand the extreme conditions on the moon, aiding in lunar exploration and habitation projects.

Zero gravity research

Facilitates the study of materials and devices that exhibit unique behaviors in zero gravity, enhancing our understanding of physics and material science in space.

Advanced in-space manufacturing

Enables the development of sophisticated micro and nanodevices directly in space, reducing reliance on Earth-based manufacturing.

Space mission resource efficiency

Maximizes the use of limited resources in space, enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of space missions.

Pioneering space research opportunities

Opens new avenues for material science and engineering research in space, contributing to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

Custom Machine Orders

Are you looking for a custom solution that meets specific requirements for advanced material innovation in unique environments? Contact us at ATLANT 3D to discuss how we can tailor the NANOFABRICATOR™ 0G to your project’s needs, ensuring precision, efficiency, and innovation in your research and development endeavors.

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