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ATLANT 3D is at the forefront of pioneering advanced atomic-scale manufacturing and nanofabrication technologies. With a commitment to revolutionizing the landscape of electronics manufacturing, ATLANT 3D bridges the gap between nanometer to millimeter-scale manufacturing, addressing significant challenges identified by DARPA. Our cutting-edge NANOFABRICATOR™ series and our proprietary Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP™) technology mark a paradigm shift in precision and efficiency.

Antony Matsepa

Media Relations Coordinator

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Press releases

ATLANT 3D joins the United Nations Global Compact

ATLANT 3D, a leading innovator in atomic scale advanced manufacturing, proudly announces its membership in the UN Global Compact. This pivotal move underscores ATLANT 3D’s dedication to sustainable development, ethical business practices, and a commitment to the United Nations principles for a responsible future. 

ATLANT 3D, European Space Agency and Thales Alenia Space partnership

ATLANT 3D, a pioneering deep-tech company building the worlds most innovative atomic-scale advanced manufacturing platform, has joined forces with Thales Alenia Space, a prominent player in the aerospace sector, and funded by European Space Agency (ESA) to develop advanced packaging technologies aimed at addressing critical issues in space economy, including climate change, security, and telecommunications.