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Research and collaborative space for groundbreaking innovations in micro- and nanotechnology.

Our technology
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Your partner in microfabrication

A-LAB envisions a future where the barriers to advanced microfabrication are dismantled. Our aim is to accelerate the development of cutting-edge technologies and materials, contributing significantly to fields like electronics, biotechnology, and renewable energy. A-LAB is dedicated to sustainable and responsible research practices that benefit both industry and society.

Engaging with A-LAB is an opportunity to be at the forefront of microfabrication research. We invite you to explore the potential of collaborating with us, whether your interest lies in exploring new materials, developing advanced microdevices, or pushing the boundaries of current technological capabilities.

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Introducing DALP™

Revolutionizing Material Science with Our Technological Breakthrough

Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP™) represents the core of ATLANT 3D’s innovation. This cutting-edge technology enables unprecedented precision in micro and nanofabrication. DALP™ allows for the manipulation of materials at the atomic level, leading to groundbreaking advancements in material science and electronics. Our expertise in atomic layer processing ensures that we can build devices and components with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Our Technology

DALP™ Technology

Unlike conventional methods used in microfabrication, DALP™ allows for precise atomic layer deposition, etching, and cleaning. This technology enables complex patterning with multiple materials within a single process, which is a considerable advancement over traditional fabrication techniques.

Precision and Customization

ATLANT 3D’s systems offer unparalleled precision and customization capabilities. They can handle various materials, providing flexibility and precision that is often not achievable with traditional manufacturing technologies.

Scalability and Integration

ATLANT 3D’s equipment is designed to be scalable and easily integrated into existing manufacturing processes. This makes them a viable option for a range of applications, from small-scale R&D projects to larger industrial manufacturing tasks.

The R&D Powerhouse

Pioneering Research and Development

A-LAB, situated within A-HUB, is our state-of-the-art research and development facility. Here, we conduct pilot and joint development projects with clients, pushing the boundaries of atomic layer processing and microfabrication. A-LAB represents our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, making it an attractive proposition for investors interested in cutting-edge research and technological advancement.

At the core of A-LAB is a collaborative and experimental approach to R&D. Leveraging our proprietary DALP™ technology and advanced NANOFABRICATOR™ devices, we engage in a range of projects from feasibility studies to comprehensive research endeavors. Our process is meticulously designed to foster innovation at every stage, ensuring precision, efficiency, and groundbreaking outcomes.

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Microdevice R&D and prototyping

In the fast-paced world of electronics, the ability to quickly develop and prototype new microdevices is crucial. ATLANT 3D’s Microdevice R&D and Prototyping services offer a comprehensive solution for accelerating your product development cycle. From rapid functional device prototyping to small-batch prototyping and iteration, our team of experts will work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. We also utilize innovative direct-write technology to provide precise and flexible microdevice fabrication.

  • Rapid Functional Device Prototyping: Accelerating the development of functional microdevices.
  • Small-Batch Prototyping & Iterating: Focused on producing small series with quick turnaround times.
  • Direct-Write Technology: Offering precision and flexibility in microdevice fabrication.

Material innovation and R&D

The development of new and innovative materials is essential for the advancement of electronics. ATLANT 3D’s Material Innovation and R&D services provide a comprehensive approach to material research and development. We offer rapid testing of new materials to rapidly evaluate their properties and capabilities, as well as detailed analysis of material composition and characteristics to ensure high standards in material development. Furthermore, we create novel materials tailored to specific applications to meet the ever-evolving needs of the electronics industry.

  • Rapid Testing of New Materials: Swiftly evaluating material properties and capabilities.
  • Material Characterization: Detailed analysis of material composition and characteristics.
  • Quality Evaluation of Materials: Ensuring high standards in material development.
  • Developing Material Compounds: Creating novel materials tailored to specific applications.

Integration of Microdevices

The integration of microdevices is a complex process that requires precision and expertise. ATLANT 3D’s Integration of Microdevices services offer a complete solution for integrating microdevices into larger systems. We incorporate sensing capabilities into microdevices to provide valuable information, modify surfaces for specific applications to enhance functionality, apply protective and optical coatings in designated areas to enhance device performance, and perform chip surgery to make precision alterations and repairs at the microscale.

  • Integrated Sensors: Incorporating sensing capabilities into microdevices.
  • Surface Texturing: Modifying surfaces for specific applications.
  • Selective Area Coatings: Applying protective and optical coatings in designated areas.
  • Chip Surgery: Precision alterations and repairs at the microscale.
Video Insights


Exclusive inside look at ATLANT 3D’s lab, where we showcase the versatility and innovation of our in-house processes using the Direct Atomic Layer Processing (DALP) technology. This video provides a comprehensive overview of various samples created through our advanced DALP technology, illustrating its wide range of applications and efficiency in a laboratory setting.

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Our Solutions

Our revolutionary tools are built to enhance the whole value chain of advanced micro- and nano-device manufacturing. ATLANT 3D redefining the landscape of advanced manufacturing with its pioneering NANOFABRICATOR™ series. It enables multi-material deposition in one process, tested on a wide range of advanced materials, independent of surface roughness and substrate sensitivity with multi-shape deposition and a high degree of thickness control. ​

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400 µm now, 25 µm in development, 1 µm long term goal