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ATLANT 3D Receives Patent in Singapore for Atomic Layer Process Printer

ATLANT 3D Receives Patent in Singapore for Atomic Layer Process Printer, Marking a Significant Technological Milestone.

Copenhagen, 25, April 2024

ATLANT 3D, a pioneer in atomic-scale advanced manufacturing technology, today announced the successful granting of its patent in Singapore for its innovative “Atomic Layer Process Printer.” This achievement, officially recognized on March 5, 2024, represents a key step in the company’s ongoing development and commitment to technological innovation.

Dr. Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Founder and CEO of ATLANT 3D, stated, “The issuance of this patent validates the relentless effort and dedication of our team. It strengthens our dedication to enhancing manufacturing technology, and it represents a significant step toward making precise and sustainable manufacturing processes a reality.”

The patented atomic layer process printer facilitates material deposition, etching, and cleaning at the atomic level within selective areas. This capability enables the precise construction of micro- and nano-devices, utilizing over 450 different materials while reducing waste and energy usage.

The patent secures the unique technology behind ATLANT 3D’s NANOFABRICATOR tools, particularly the innovative printhead and nozzle design that supports a wide range of operating environments—from atmospheric pressure to vacuum conditions. This versatility is crucial for industries that require high-precision manufacturing capabilities.

With a focus on expanding its intellectual property globally, ATLANT 3D is dedicated to advancing its DALP® (Direct Atomic Layer Processing) technology and reinforcing its role as a leader in the field of precision manufacturing.

About ATLANT 3D:
Founded in 2018, ATLANT 3D is spearheading developments in atomic-scale manufacturing. The company’s proprietary DALP® technology is enhancing micro- and nanofabrication, supporting industries such as MEMS, microfluidics, optics, photonics, energy devices, and more through precise and innovative manufacturing solutions.

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