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ATLANT 3D Launches First Advanced Manufacturing Hub in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark – February, 5th 2023 – ATLANT 3D announces the inauguration of its premier Advanced Manufacturing Hub (A-Hub) in Copenhagen, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to innovating within the field of atomic-scale manufacturing. This facility is poised to transform the chip manufacturing industry by utilizing ATLANT 3D’s proprietary technologies, enhancing precision, efficiency, and production flexibility.

Innovative Approach to Chip Manufacturing

Situated in Copenhagen, the A-Hub is strategically designed to leverage ATLANT 3D’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, addressing the increasing demand for specialized chips amidst global supply chain challenges. The hub integrates precise material deposition, rapid prototyping, and adaptable production processes, underscoring ATLANT 3D’s strategy of minimizing environmental impact and promoting close collaboration with partners​​.

Dr. Maksym Plakhotnyuk, CEO of ATLANT 3D, states, “The establishment of our A-Hub in Copenhagen is a deliberate move towards reducing the gap between innovation and production. It exemplifies our commitment to providing sustainable manufacturing solutions that are both efficient and tailored to the needs of our clients.”

Strategic Expansion and Collaborative Opportunities

The Copenhagen facility serves as the foundational element in ATLANT 3D’s vision to create a network of A-Hubs worldwide. These hubs aim to facilitate a collaborative ecosystem for academia, industry, and research institutions, fostering advancements in nanotechnology and manufacturing​​.

Future Prospects

The launch of the Copenhagen A-Hub is the initial phase in ATLANT 3D’s strategic plan for global expansion. The company envisions these hubs as instrumental in advancing localized, sustainable manufacturing solutions across various industries​​.


ATLANT 3D specializes in the development of advanced atomic-scale manufacturing platforms, targeting the acceleration of innovation in electronics and material science. The company is dedicated to sustainability and technological excellence, enabling the fast-track development of microdevices and advanced materials​​.


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