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Press Release – ATLANT 3D secures NASA as a customer

ATLANT 3D secures NASA as customer and launches first-ever zero-gravity advanced solution for direct writing of thin-film materials for in-space and in-lab prototyping and manufacturing. 

Copenhagen, JUNE 29th, 2021 – ATLANT 3D Nanosystems, a cross-European deep tech company, announces today the purchase by NASA of ATLANT 3D Nanofabricator (TM) 0G system, the first-ever selective area direct write atomic layer zero gravity R&D unit.

NASA will use ATLANT 3D system for micro and zero gravity experimental selective area thin films deposition for advanced applications. ATLANT3D (TM) Technology is the first ever revolutionary technology that enables selective area direct atomic layer processing for rapid advanced materials innovation, prototyping and manufacturing of micro and nanodevices.

Based on Nanofabricator (TM) 0G, ATLANT 3D has also developed a new product – Nanofabricator Lite (TM), for on-demand electronic materials development and micro and nanodevice prototyping, to support researchers and innovators with rapid materials and device development.

ATLANT 3D presented its technology to NASA in 2020 with an idea of applying its technology for micro and zero gravity. This led to ATLANT 3D team developing and delivering a highly customized machine with unique solutions for NASA: testing selective area direct deposition of material at micro and zero gravity. Due to very strict requirements for the volume and weight, this is a state-of-the art solution – never designed until now.

The NASA project inspired ATLANT 3D to launch the Nanofabricator Lite (TM) – the first ever very compact microreactor selective area direct ALD machine able to work at harsh conditions, including micro and zero gravity, and direct write ALD quality films and patterns.

This unique technology is now available to be utilized in labs on Earth and soon in orbit and efficiently serve the needs of innovators, material scientists and engineers in controlled inert environments such as gloveboxes.

“ATLANT3D (TM) Technology is the first step towards establishing in-space manufacturing at Space Nanofactories. By using the combination of additive manufacturing and advanced microfabrication techniques, the same technology platform could potentially automatically manufacture macro and micro parts like microelectronics, sensors, energy devices enabling interplanetary exploration. We are on the path for this, and we look for partners who want to share our vision” – says CEO and Founder Dr Maksym Plakhotnyuk.


ATLANT 3D is a cross-European deep tech company that developed a unique atomic layer advanced manufacturing technology (direct write ALD) with a mission to reshape the future atom by atom and enable on-demand advanced materials development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing of microdevices and nanodevices. ATLANT 3D team is highly dynamic, international, and multidisciplinary, consisting of 15 experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists. ATLANT 3D collaborates with leading European universities, such as SAS, DTU, FAU, TNO, SUPSI and industrial partners such as Merck, ST Microelectronics, Prima Industrie and SEMPA.