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Press Release – ATLANT 3D in collaboration with ESA BIC

Copenhagen, March 23rd,2022 -ATLANT3D announces today the collaboration with ESA BIC to further advance the development of ATLANT 3D Nanofabricator™ 0G systems, the first-ever zero gravity R&D system that allows selective area direct-write atomic layer precision.

ATLANT 3D™ will develop a space-certified Nanofabricator 0G with the goal of going to the International Space Station (ISS) in future missions. The machine will have the full capabilities of the Nanofabricator Lite system, allowing further testing and development of on-demand electronic materials and micro and nanodevice prototyping. This will further enable researchers and innovators with rapid materials and device development in Space.

This unique technology will be it first of its kind in Space and it all started with NASA purchasing ATLANT 3D’s first 0G system, allowing ATLANT 3D to develop unique new technologies for bringing Microreactor Selective Area Direct AtomicProcessing (μSADALP™) technology into Space.


ATLANT 3Dis a Danish startup company that is developing a fundamentally different and innovative micro and nanofabrication platform technology.ATLANT 3D is a developer of high-performance technology that enables atomical precise advanced manufacturing of the next generation of advanced materials and electronics. ​ ATLANT 3D team is highly dynamic, international, and multidisciplinary, consisting of 15 experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. ATLANT 3D collaborates with leading European universities, such as SAS, DTU, FAU, TNO, SUPSI, and industrial partners such as Merck, ST Microelectronics, Prima Industrie and SEMPA.

About ESA

ESA BIC Denmark is the 21st member of ESA’s pan-European network of BusinessIncubation Centres. The incubator is led by The Technical University of Denmark(DTU) in collaboration with the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science, University of Aalborg, University of Aarhus, The Danish IndustryFoundation, and other partners from academia, science parks, industry, and Danish government agencies. The main objective of the Danish ESA BIC is to create and strengthen communities of successful space-related start-ups in Denmark The activities will contribute significantly to growing clusters of space-based companies in Denmark.