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Public Funding Project


Advancing micro-optoelectronics


EU Horizon 2020



Start Date

October 2020


10m EUR


Prima Industrie Spa (Coordinator); Scuola Universitaria Professionale Della Svizzera Italiana; Iris Srl; Uab Femtika; Opi Photonics Srl; Morphica Societa A Responsabilita Limitata; Friedrich-alexander-universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg; Politecnico Di Torino; Stmicroelectronics Srl; Smolsys Ltd.; Heliotis Ag; Mch-tronics Sagl​.


Developing an all-in-one machine for hybrid technologies to enable high value-added multi-scale integrated micro-optoelectronics. It aims to overcome challenges in micromanufacturing processes, enhance throughput and productivity, and foster innovation in microsystems with a new business model​​. The new emerging generation of microsystems represents a major opportunity for a substantial EU economic growth, in an industry counting already more than 200.000 workers and a turnover in 2019 of €450 billion.

The Mesomorph concept provides the means to overcome the following 4 main hurdles: ​

The intrinsic physic of microsystems doesn’t allow the simple downsizing of conventional technologies to industrialize micromanufacturing processes. Mesomorph allows to limit the number of micromanipulation tasks by integrating an all-in-one machine featuring novel processes for the direct creation of functions (electronic, fluidic, optic) directly on a substrate, with a RESOLUTION down to 300nm, by combining multi-material addition (Two-Photon Polymerization, Atomic Layer 3D nano printing) and subtraction (Femtolaser micro-ablation) in a self-contained white room. ​

Because of the intrinsic slowness of physical processes at microscale, productivity cannot be achieved by sequencing multiple single steps. Mesomorph proposes a scaleup throughput by PARALLELIZATION and batch processing UP TO 50k PARTS/YEAR, leveraging a new multiple micronozzles system to extend the SADALP working area from 10x10mm up to 500x500mm, and concurrently leveraging on the beam splitting technique of a high-power fs laser for ablation. ​

Microsystems cannot be conceived with subcomponents. Mesomorph includes a specific Design-to-Lifevalue Platform to guide the development of new microsystems by fully exploiting the new processes. ​

Innovation cannot be limited by the financial risk associated with the necessary investments. Mesomorph implements a new “Manufacturing as a Service” business model in which all the value chain’s actors can benefit from a positive net cash flow since production’s start, effectively removing entry barriers for innovators. Mesomorph consortium is composed of 13 partners from 5 different countries. Each partner represents excellence in its own field. ​

Project details

Mesomorph is a 3 year project, it will be concluded in October 2023 and will deliver a TRL6 demo of a new generation of all-in-one machine integrating three disruptive technologies:

  • Femtolaser micro ablation;
  • Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP);
  • Atomic layer 3D nanoprinting (Selective Area Direct Atomic Layer Processing, SADALP process).

In a small self-contained white room, implemented with a new, smart, micro-manipulation and bonding system.

The machine will implement a new, flexible, fully automated hybrid process chain, compliant with the submicron accuracy targets of the new generation of micro systems, scalable to achieve throughput targets that compete against the high-volume scale manufacturing of high valued-added optoelectronics.

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