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We joined the Global Semiconductor Alliance!  

We are very excited to have joined the GSA, a worldwide leading semiconductor organisation uniting global leaders in technology and innovations. Our goal is to promote state-of-the-art nanotechnology, bring value to current and future members and scale our business.

We invented a new type of semiconductor technology combining 3D printing and atomic layer deposition (ALD). Such a combination enables selective area and material direct processing with the value of both technologies such as high-quality conformal printing and material versatility.

Our Nanofabricator™ will make a paradigm shift to the market of micro and nanodevices and will find its implementation in the biomedical, military, aerospace, IoT, mobiles, communication, and computing fields on Earth and in Space.

We are looking for partners within the GSA network who are looking for unconventional solutions and want to explore new horizons with us.

Reach out to us!

The ATLANT 3D team