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ATLANT 3D is proud to announce that Massimo Portincaso will be assuming the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors


Massimo Portincaso joined ATLANT 3D as Board Director in 2022 and has now assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective 1 November 2022, as Erik Stangerup steps into operational management.

Massimo has served in a variety of International executive leadership positions at BCG, where he was Managing Director and Partner, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board at Hello Tomorrow, and Founder and Executive Chairman at Officinae Bio. Massimo is a frequent author and speaker on deep tech, and his work has been featured in Fast Company, Bloomberg, Harvard Business Review, Sifted and Consulting Magazine, among others.


With his work and thought leadership around inorganic Nature Co-Design, Massimo has set the business stage for technologies like ATLANT 3D’s Atomic Layer Processing to drive the shift toward a generative approach, to revolutionize electronics atom by atom. Massimo has Engineering degree from Politecnico di Milano. 

“I am incredibly excited to work together with ATLANT 3D’s management team and the Board to fundamentally and radically change the way electronics are produced today,” says Massimo “The potential of what can be achieved is astonishing, and with the rest of the board we will work to help translating this potential into reality ”


“I am pleased to hand the torch over to Massimo”, says Erik Stangerup, who will now take up the role as COO and CFO. “Massimo’s experience and ability to drive the strategy process is second to none and with this new setup, ATLANT 3D has equipped itself with an incredibly competent Board of Directors”.



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