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ATLANT 3D and ESA announce collaboration on development technology for manufacturing electronic components in Space using ATLANT 3D Direct Atomic Layer Processing technology.

ATLANT 3D, a pioneering deep-tech company that has created the world’s first-ever atomic layer processing platform technology,and the European Space Agency (ESA), an international organization dedicated to space exploration and research, have joined forces to develop a ground-breaking atomic layer advanced process unit to operate at micro and zero gravity conditions that can produce advanced functional materials and electronic components for Space applications and in Space use.


The16-month project will demonstrate the feasibility of selective atomic layer deposition in zero-gravity environments and pave the way for future in-flight manufacturing of sensors and coatings. The ATLANT 3D advanced unit,Nanofabricator 0G.


The ATLANT3D unit and process’s objective is to demonstrate localized direct deposition working in at micro and zero gravity environments and the possibility of processing and patterning various advanced solutions starting from sensors, functional components and circuit elements.


The Nanofabricatorunit’s development enables the  in-flight manufacturing of advanced solutions, reducing reliance on Earth for resupply missions. Future Deep Space explorative missions will benefit from ATLANTtechnical solutions. ATLANT 3D technology is also a subject for evaluation for use for various space.


“We are excited to partner with the ESA to develop this ground-breaking technology,” comments Dr. Maksym Plakhotnyuk , CEO & Founder of ATLANT3D. “This collaboration is a significant step in advancing our technology for Space related applications and enabling previously impossible, and we believe our technology will bring significant benefit for future spacemissions.”


“We are thrilled to work with ATLANT 3D on this ambitious project,” said Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen, at Managing Director, ESA BIC Denmark. “The development of this technology could be a game-changer for in-flight manufacturing and reduce our reliance on Earth for resupply missions.We look forward to seeing the results of this collaboration.”




ATLANT 3D is a deep-tech company that has createdthe world’s first-ever atomic layer processing technology platform, with HQbased in Denmark, Copenhagen. The company develops advanced technological,applications and process solutions for semiconductor, space and R&D industrieswith a goal to enable rapid material innovation to accelerate, decentralize anddemocratize advanced technologies.  



TheEuropean Space Agency (ESA) is an international organization dedicated to spaceexploration and research. The organization conducts cutting-edge research anddevelops new technologies to support space missions, with a focus on improvinglife on Earth and exploring the universe.



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